A Nugget of Wisdom from “My Little Pony”

“Believing in something can help you do amazing things! But if that belief is based on a lie, eventually it’s gonna lead to real trouble.” ~AppleJack Pony

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that God is real; that the Bible is His Word to us; and everything therein is True, Holy, and worthy of utmost respect and consideration as it pertains to this life and eternity.

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“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Ps. 119:103

There are a lot of different schools of thought out there. Thoughts on salvation, worship, how we treat one another, how God sees us, how we should respond to Him, and so on. Thoughts that divide the body of believers because the Bible as been put on the back burner and what sounds good and unoffensive has been put at the front. Jesus prayed for unity among His followers (here), but all too often Satan gets in the way of the mission. We let our opinions and feelings guide us, essentially rooting our faith in quicksand instead of solid Rock. So how do we get back to unity and truth?  (More on the real meaning of unity this week; stay tuned!)

Friends, go to your Bible. He has given us everything we need in His words. Please don’t simply put your faith in a preacher, teacher, podcast, blog, or devotional book. Make sure every one you admire & respect in spiritual matters clings to the Holy Word of God as their source of life and godliness. We are all imperfect, flawed human beings. We can’t possibly say and do everything right 100% of the time.

But the good news is that God can, and He already did! Hallelujah! The only way to know His untainted Word, is by opening it up and studying it for yourself. 💗

So, heed the words of “AppleJack” the pony 😉 and don’t get caught up in a believing a lie that will eventually lead to trouble. Weigh everything you hear from people of faith with the Word of God Himself.  Pray for discernment and guidance.  And seek His Truth with your whole heart dear friend.  God has promised us that when we pursue Him first in our lives, we will find Him.

If you are struggling with where to start, find a mentor (feel free to email me!) who holds to His Truth above all else, and who will study with you without bias. I am praying for you my friend! May God bless you today as you seek Him first and weed out the lies of the world, and may you be a blessing to someone who is in need.

(Scriptures to consider: 2 Peter 1:32 Timothy 3: 16-172 Timothy 4:3-4Matthew 6:33Matthew 15:8-9Jer. 29:8-9, 12-13Matthew 7: 21-23Acts 22:16Romans 6)

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