A letter to my daughters…

DREAM BIG. I want you to have huge, faith-based dreams. I want you to see all the blessings God has for you in this life and run after them with joy and discipline.

But sweet girls, never run so fast that you miss the broken or hurting people you meet along the way. Never get so caught up in your own dreams, desires, and even talents, that you neglect the relationships that ground you and strengthen you in Christ.

Don’t be so hungry for what’s on the other side of the rainbow, that you miss the beauty of your here and now. Don’t miss God’s purpose for you in your everyday moments because you’re dreaming, planning, and making goals for the future.

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My dear girls, dream big. Work hard. Boldly pray. Humbly serve.

And when God gives you an assignment tasked to no one else on this earth (like that of a mother or a wife), live that task with joy on your lips and strength in your hands. Always look to Him when your heart feels conflicted. No dream or pursuit is worth forsaking that calling, my love. And when The Lord guides you back to where you need to be, thank Him.



You are extraordinary girls. You will be phenomenal women some day, and I pray I will be able to see all the wonderful ways God uses you for His Kingdom.

Dream big, my darlings. Do not be afraid or resentful when the time comes to shift your dreams from one place to another. Keep your eyes on Him, open your heart to His Words of scripture, and He will shape the desires therein.


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