A reminder of purpose…

I posted this on FB in August 2015. It is a bit of my journey, and honestly I need the reminder today! It’s so hard to keep this mindset, but I will press on and thank God for every reminder like this along the way.

“A year and a half ago was when I finally started to understand the meaning of “healthy” and what that really looks like for me.
Before that I was constantly yo-yo-ing. I’d work really hard for a couple months; then either get bored with my activity (usually running) and quit all together, or I would workout for 3 weeks and then stop for a month and eat junk. I never made healthy living a priority until I connected it with my spiritual life.

I know that may sound crazy (it did to me a year and a half ago!), but the apostle Paul used athletic analogies so much in his letters, because when you push your body hard toward a goal you can more easily grasp the concept of our soul and spirit having to work hard to fight the flesh and press toward our goal: Heaven.

Once I made that connection and stopped cutting God out of my diet and exercise regimen, it got easier. I saw spiritual applications to physical difficulties. Things started clicking.

I don’t have all the answers, but God does. If you’re struggling to reach your health goals, put Him first and ask Him for help. It’s not about skinny, ripped, or “fit”; it’s about being the BEST you, so you can serve Him with all you have. Use the talents He gives you without excuse. šŸ’—

Ps–This isn’t something that comes naturally to me. So when I write these things, please know that it comes from a girl who knows she is very imperfect–and at times very hypocritical. I have to work hard at keeping God at the forefront of my heart and mind so there is no room for the enemy and his
-“it’s not worth it”
-“being healthy doesn’t matter”

If you need prayers for this (as I do!), comment below, message, or email me: BeRadiant_716@yahoo.com”

August 7, 2015

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