I do. But do I?

“Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'” ~Matt. 22:27

But what does that mean?? What does that look like??
Those questions rattled through my mind this morning while reading this plaque today.
My immediate thought was “yes! I do that!”
And then the gut-check settled in. Do I really?

Do I seek first His Church and righteousness as He defines it?
Do I lay money, prestige & popularity, comfort, friends, family, my preferences & my “rights” down at His feet?
Do I truly seek to know Him? Or do I simply live my life with Him in the background, occasionally giving Him credit for things that go right and continually questioning Him when things go wrong?
And if I don’t intentionally seek to know Him, how can I love Him with my entire being?

What may seem like a simple command, is actually the most difficult thing any of us can/will do in our lifetimes. That kind of love requires intention with every thought and action. It requires discipline and consistency. It requires thoughtfulness and selflessness.
That kind of love doesn’t happen by (& isn’t sustained by) accident.

Today, on this first day of the week, let us reach deep down inside us–into the deepest parts that we don’t want to uncover–and ask ourselves, do we love the Lord our God with EVERYTHING we have inside us? Does that love trump all other relationships or fame? Do we really seek to do life HIS way?


Made by “Crafty Dad and Daughter” find them on FB!

Lord, please help us to understand Your Truth. Help us to show our love and devotion to you in every area of our lives. Remind us that a life with You isn’t stuck in comfort zones, but is lived uncomfortably among the people who are seeking restoration and salvation. Remind us of our purpose, and light a fire within us to run after it with zeal. Help us to love you the way you demand to be loved–because anything less from us is not enough. ❤️

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