When it doesn’t go my way

Y’all… up until yesterday, I was prepared for Halloween. I let the girls choose their own costumes online. Filtering through several and finally deciding on one. When the girls had decided for sure, we ordered them and they got to us a few weeks ago. I felt like the best mom and my girls were going to look ADORABLE together.

Yesterday morning, Bel tries hers on (now keep in mind, she tried it on when it first came and was fine with it) and FLIPS out because it feels “too small”.

It was not too small.

And so begins our day. Fussing with each other over the Halloween costume.

“Please can I wear something else?” “No! I bought that for you so you either wear it or you don’t go to trunk or treat!”

I know. I was a monster about it. But honestly the idea of my ruined plans for the girls (they were supposed to both be fairies and look darling together) made me sick to my stomach.

My plans! I was prepared! We weren’t going to have to do a last minute throw something together or rush to the store, thing that we’ve had to do in the past. This Mom wasn’t having her plans derailed.

And then…

“Grace…” I felt being whispered to my soul. “It’s just a silly holiday that’s supposed to be fun. It’s just $30. You spend that on things you don’t wear all the time. Give her grace.”

After sweet affirmation from my husband, we let her choose: either the purple fairy costume, or think of something you can put together at home that costs no money.

She looked around and saw a hat she wanted to wear, thought about some makeup, and then Justin and I suggested, “a scarecrow?” “YES!” She jumped up and down with excitement.

She chose a scarecrow–and let me please tell you–I had SO much FUN helping her put this together!! “This is what it’s all about, Rachel.” I kept feeling that whisper roll over me while I was helping her put on my flannel shirt, braiding her hair, and fixing her makeup. We were both gentle and smiling and her excitement for holiday grabbed me, too.

It’s not about who “wins” at parenting or which child is in the most extravagant costume. It’s about the memories. The bonding. The laughs & smiles. The time to look back and treasure.

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Sweet bonus? Ali got to wear her sister’s fairy costume and LOVED it! And we ALL had a very Happy Halloween.

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