“New Normal Drift”

The “new normal drift.” That’s what I call it anyway.
Have you ever started something new and loved it? You saw the results you wanted and you were truly dedicated for weeks, maybe even months! This new habit created your new normal.
And then you start slacking.
Maybe it’s a diet/workout regimen you’ve had great success with… and now you allow some cookies and gingerbread.
Maybe you’ve started new supplements and they having you feeling GREAT! But then you skip a few days here and there.

And before ya know it, you’re feeling less great. Your old normal starts creeping its head back into your new normal life. And then–lightbulb!
“Oh! I guess what I was doing really was working. What I was doing really DID make a difference. I need to get back to that, pronto.”

That’s me. I’ve been a Plexus girl for over a year now, and I’ve had several of these lightbulb moments throughout my journey. I start consistent and truly feel AMAZING.
Allergies, moodiness, depression, fatigue, all under control if not gone completely. My new normal.
And then I slack off on my supplements. They become more of an afterthought instead of a priority–after all, I’m feeling great now!
And then “not so great” sets in. And I must get back to consistency and prioritizing what works.

So welcome to my Monday. My fresh start for December. The first day of getting back my “new normal.”

And if you are looking for a way to beat the blues, the fatigue, the seasonal allergies, the insomnia, the stomach problems, the joint pain, etc. send me a message or click here. I may have something that can help you get to a great new normal! ❤️Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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