Sweet little hands

IMG_8350So many thing running through my head this morning.
1) um.. southern Texas got SNOW?! 😱❄️☃️ how cool is that?! It didn’t come where we live, but Bel has been praying for snow  so I am confident it’s on its way here this winter!
2) last night my sweet baby was in tears over her chapped hands. We put “working hands” on her and she cried. We put unscented lotion on her. She cried. (I FORGOT about my plexus Body Cream! 🤦‍♀️😭) This morning her hands look a little better, but she’s still complaining about their itchiness. So I did a quick FB search about Plexus and chapped skin, and goodness me y’all!! The testimonies! 🙌
I quickly called for Ali and put some Body Cream on her little hands. No tears!! No fight! She actually said “here too Momma.” Pointing out places I missed. 🙌😱💗 I’m looking forward to seeing how much better her hands are tonight.

Mommy & Ali hands

**notice** I pick at my cuticles. So they aren’t very pretty. But my hands don’t hurt and bleed like they used to! (And like sweet Ali’s are doing now.)

3) my hands used to chap just as badly as hers are. (She is my mini-me after all.) I remember having to put Vaseline or Utter Balm on my hands before bed and cover them with socks. 😦 My lips also used to chap and crack like crazy. Have I upped my lip balm? Nope. I’ve cleaned my gut. Gut health and unhealthy skin are related, my friends! So here’s what I attribute my non-chapped/cracked skin to this winter: water, probio5, Slim, and plexus Body Cream.
Ask me how you can get your hands on a free sample! Or click here to get yours! (Free gift from me if you order Slim & Body Cream/Probio5 as a preferred customer!)

4) The last thing on my mind this morning is the sweetness of little hands. What will these little hands grow up to do? Where will they go? Who will they help? What will they make? There’s a whole world of potential wrapped in these little hands. And I pray she uses them for good all the days of her life. ❤️

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