You are Loved

“God loves broken people, and He can put your pieces back together again.” ~Tim Lewis

God’s love doesn’t run from your sin. 

You’re not too far gone. 

You’re not beyond forgiveness. 

Your heart is not one that can’t change. 

All it takes to get on the track of redemption is a step of humility and faith in the right direction. 


When I was resisting obedience to God, obedience to His Gospel & plan of salvation, do you know what thoughts kept circling me? 

“What if people see me differently?”

 “I should’ve done this a long time ago!”

 “I’m fine. I already took these steps when I was a kid..”

Yes. I had gone through the motions my whole life. I had played the part of a Christian all through my adolescence. And although I believed the Bible, I didn’t take the time to SEEK God.

I didn’t humble myself before Him.

Honestly, I didn’t know what it meant to turn my “own way” (Isaiah 53:6) until I was an adult. Then I was actually able to make my own choices, and be responsible for them. It was then that I realized what sin was, how it separated me from God’s holiness, and my incredible need for a Savior. 

I say all of this for 1 purpose: you are LOVED. The Creator of the universe saw fit to come down to earth and teach you how to live.

Though He was completely innocent He suffered an incredibly cruel execution, taking on the sins of the world, requiring God to turn His back on the One who had been with Him since the very beginning…. so that you could be seen BLAMELESS and PERFECT before the holiness of God the Father.

You. Are. Loved. 

Salvation is a gift, but each of us must decide to receive it. We must decide that living our own way (even if we say it’s for His sake!) isn’t God’s best for us. We have to turn from that and choose a humble surrender to our Creator and act in faithful obedience. (Read Acts 8,9,&22:3-16 to read the beautiful transformation of Saul➡️Paul!) 

There’s no reason to live broken in guilt and shame for what you’ve done. Christ covered it! Turn to Him, give Him your broken pieces and let Him make you a new creation more beautiful than before! Because you are loved!! 💖

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