Word of the Year 2021

January is coming to an end, and I am just now feeling solid in my “word of the year.” Are you familiar with WotY?

My process tends to go something like this: I think about what I want to accomplish in the coming year, pray about it, adjust what I want to accomplish based on certain tugs of my heart, pray more, and then think of a word that sums it all up. Sometimes the word is one that keeps reoccurring in conversations, Scriptures, or prayers, and sometimes it is simply a word I grab that encompasses the goals I’ve prayed about.
I’ve been attempting WotY for about 5-6 years (I say attempting because usually after March I forget I’ve done a word at all…) and I noticed something interesting in the last couple of years.

Words of the Years
2019 — Impact
2020 — Endure
2021 — Strengthen

I had no idea when I settled on Endure for my 2020 word that it would end up meaning so much. When we started the year, who knew what it would have in store for us? Honestly, it ended with a LOT of testing. Sadly, in the midst of the trying times, I had forgotten my word. I had forgotten the foreshadowing that encompassed “endure.” However, I did endure. We did endure. And we will CONTINUE to endure as we press on and STRENGTHEN our lives in 2021.

It isn’t really about MY strength, but really learning to lean on His unwavering strength.

So, moving forward my aim is to STRENGTHEN:
~ LOVE of my Lord. Walking faithfully, and obediently with Him is the ONLY place I want to be. If I’m not by His side, I don’t want to go. This is a bond, a friendship, and comfort I’ve recently nourished and want to strengthen more than anything else. Because the enemy of my soul wants nothing more than to distract me from this and lure me away with all the shiny, pretty things this world has to offer.
~ Relationships. I need to strengthen relationships within my home and family, among friends, Plexus team, community and Church family. Isolation and quarantine can be arguably necessary at times, however they can also be detrimental for certain relationships. Jesus taught us that our relationships with others are the second most important things in life when led and built with love.
~ Physically. It’s time to bring physical strength back to a priority seat in my life. I don’t need to be the strongEST person in the room or even the strongest I’ve ever been. I just need to be strong enough for whatever situation the Lord throws my way. Ultimately, my health and well being are not just mine. I’m better all around, inside and out, when I prioritize consistent movement, nutrition, and supplementation.

What is your word for 2021? I’d love to hear it! If you don’t have one, but “Strengthen” sounds like something you need to do as well, feel free to jump on board with me! Or maybe you’re still in the “ENDURE” phase, I’d love to pray with/for you as you keep pressing forward.

If you’d like me to point you in a direction for at home or in person workouts, nutrition plans, or supplementation I would be happy to! I am not providing links to all of those because I would like to connect with you first to make sure I introduce you to the right person to help provide for your needs and encourage you.

If you’d like to connect more with ME, I would LOVE that! Leave a comment or email me and we can start strengthening that connection now. 😉 🙂

Picture by Justin Williams (Jmwilliams Photography)

Bowling with a Twist

You know those days/nights that’ll stick in your memory bank? This was one of those.

It started with a trip to the doctor’s office with what we thought was another ear infection. THANKFULLY the ear is perfectly healthy, so no antibiotics for Ali! 🙌 (those will destroy healthy gut microbes, y’all.) But we love our doc and were grateful for the visit with her, either way!

Breaking the rules by taking a selfie in the dr office. 😉

Next, tap class for Bel! They’re learning a new routine and it is SO CUTE. I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be in a few weeks. (Aaannnd if I’m being honest, I wish I was dancing with her! 😆👐#jazzhands) I need to just join the adult tap class, but I do better with new things like that when a friend comes with me. Any takers?

Then came the family fun!! BOWLING with our dear friends! You know when you’re having so much fun you forget to take pictures? That was us. Ali grabbed my phone and asked her friend to take this one…

We took a few other pictures and then it was time to head to the car.

In true childlike fashion, the girls decided that to be a perfect time to play tag resulting in a badly twisted ankle for Ali Jo. (This precious girl said “I’m sorry!” When she fell to the ground. Bless her heart! She was in so much pain and said “I’m sorry” to me. 😭 I scooped her up as fast as I could and told her she didn’t have anything to apologize for.)

Sooo… we load up in the car, get home, eat a quick dinner, and head up to bed.

Totally unprompted, Bel starts making a “things to do” desk for Ali. That way she doesn’t have to get out of bed without help in the morning. Seriously, this child blows me away with her thoughtfulness.

Goodness. They make us proud parents. Sometimes sisters will fight like enemies, and sometimes they’ll show love and care like the best of friends. We are so thankful they’re learning to do more of the latter, and our prayer is that that kindness grows and blossoms into something genuinely incredible to behold. We thank the Lord for these precious souls!

So that’s the memory making, bowling with a twist! A lot of fun and a little drama/excitement make for unforgettable times, right? ❤️

An Unexpected Realization

Can you believe we are about 1/2way through January already?! I can’t! Things are clicking along and I can definitely feel normal settling in, but it’s not a normal I am fond of right now.

Let me explain.

I haven’t felt like myself lately. At least, not the me I have been for the last 4+ years.  I’m a lot fussier. I’m more tired. I’m more easily overwhelmed and “done” when I’ve barely started. It hit me the other day… I have not had my pink drink in over a month. A MONTH!

I HAVE been rocking the consistency with Probio5, Ease, and XfactorPlus. I’ve even taken on Active and Metaburn for the mood boosting benefits! But I haven’t had the pink drink, Plexus Slim. And I am reminded of this:
Slim is more than a fat burner. (I get that benefit with Metaburn)
It’s more than a mood booster. (I get that benefit with Active!) 
It’s more than an anti-inflammatory. (I get that with Ease)
It’s more than an energy booster. (I can get that with caffeine.)

Slim is a BALANCER. I’m learning that when my insulin levels are out of balance (what Slim has been proven to do!), my other hormones are ALSO out of balance and my mental health isn’t as strong.  
I’ve been off Slim for a month and here’s how I feel….
My brain fog is back.
My chronic fatigue is back. As soon as the coffee/caffeine wears off, I am ready for a nap. (Alright who am I kidding… as soon as I wake up, caffeine or not, I’m ready for a nap!)
My ability to handle high stress situations with a level head, has lessened. I’m snapping at my kids again. I hit my limits with them (and people in general) all too quickly. 

Friend, this is NOT who I want to be or who God created me to be. I firmly believe the Lord introduced me to Plexus so that I could LIVE balanced, level headed, and joyfully! I represent Him better, when I am at my best. I cannot be at my best when I am out of balance on the inside. I had no idea just how much my pink drink helped and worked with my other supplements until I was without it. 

So here’s my encouragement to you: try it.
When I first started Plexus, it took me about 6 weeks of consistent use to realize how much better I felt. It is absolutely time for me to get back to my Pink Drink and back to the ME I’m supposed to be.

What would it mean to you to function on a daily basis HAPPILY without becoming overwhelmed at simple tasks, or needing a nap/sugar/caffeine all day in order to put one foot in front of the other?

Something to think about.
With LOVE,
~Your HOPE dealer, Rach


Snow Day 2021

You know those things your kids pray for, that you have no control over… it’s just totally up to The Lord to allow it our not? Our girls have been begging God for a snow day since November, and He wonderfully provided!

JMWilliams Photography

Isn’t it just GORGEOUS? I’ll be honest, I LOVE looking at snow, but I don’t love being IN it. So for most of the snow day, I watched from the window with a warm drink in my hands while the girls soaked through one outfit after another.

The pure joy on their faces was worth every wet spot on my floor and extra load of laundry to be done. Thank you, Father for this perfect snow day!

She couldn’t stop eating it. 😆

Enjoy these pictures taken and edited by Justin! I’m thinking we need to blow a few of them up to bring out every winter.

(Also, if you’re in Texas and in need of family or individual photos taken, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to answer your questions and see if we’d be a good fit for your needs.)

Now, bring on SPRING and SUNSHINE! 😁☀️

In the Groove

The New Year has begun and we are wrapping up our first week of after Holiday normalcy. How did it go for you? (Read on for an important announcement!)

If you’re anything like me, or my kids, having a routine is essential to a day well spent. Even if you don’t do the same thing every day, having a PLAN of how you’ll spend your time helps manage your time. If I’m left to my own devices, I do NOT manage my time well. I used to think that routines took away my freedom, but I don’t think like that anymore.

Routines can be super important for our productivity, but flexibility is important for growth as well. Balancing the two can be TOUGH, but here’s a tip I’ve learned: write everything down. 
You may know, because I talk about it a bit, I’m a member of She Works His Way (an online community designed to help women–sorry guys!– complete their earthly tasks with a heavenly mindset) and one of the leaders in that community is Somer Phoebus, the Productivity Princess. She suggests even scheduling your free time.

I know that may sound bizarre. But as I understand it, she schedules her day/week so that her free time is just as important and nonnegotiable to her as her work time. That helps keep her focused during her work time (PRODUCTIVE) and then her free time isn’t bogged down by work. Genius, right? 

This system may not work for you, but the most important thing as I understand it is to have SYSTEMS. Systems help manage your stress level and help your productivity increase.

Why would you want a membership, and what is included?
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Common Questions:
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