In the Groove

The New Year has begun and we are wrapping up our first week of after Holiday normalcy. How did it go for you? (Read on for an important announcement!)

If you’re anything like me, or my kids, having a routine is essential to a day well spent. Even if you don’t do the same thing every day, having a PLAN of how you’ll spend your time helps manage your time. If I’m left to my own devices, I do NOT manage my time well. I used to think that routines took away my freedom, but I don’t think like that anymore.

Routines can be super important for our productivity, but flexibility is important for growth as well. Balancing the two can be TOUGH, but here’s a tip I’ve learned: write everything down. 
You may know, because I talk about it a bit, I’m a member of She Works His Way (an online community designed to help women–sorry guys!– complete their earthly tasks with a heavenly mindset) and one of the leaders in that community is Somer Phoebus, the Productivity Princess. She suggests even scheduling your free time.

I know that may sound bizarre. But as I understand it, she schedules her day/week so that her free time is just as important and nonnegotiable to her as her work time. That helps keep her focused during her work time (PRODUCTIVE) and then her free time isn’t bogged down by work. Genius, right? 

This system may not work for you, but the most important thing as I understand it is to have SYSTEMS. Systems help manage your stress level and help your productivity increase.

Why would you want a membership, and what is included?
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Common Questions:
*Do I have to share Plexus with others when I become a member? NO. Though, I don’t know why you wouldn’t. 😉 The great thing about Plexus is you can be a wholesale discount customer and not share plexus at all. Sharing simply helps boost your PV and of course helps others find what may work for them (BUT you can send them my way for that chat!)
*Are there hidden fees? NO. No monthly website fees or anything like that. You just pay for your products you love!
*How much is membership normally? $39.95. Plexus brought the price down to $9.95 when the economy took a hit during lockdowns in 2020. 
*Do I have to host parties in person or online? NO. And you don’t have to keep any inventory! That was definitely a perk for me when I signed up 4 years ago.
*Will someone be able to help me get started if I want to hit the ground running? YES! I’m here. If you want a personal 1-1 training, I’m happy to be your girl! Or, if you’re more into sitting back and watching or listening, the BLESSED team FB page is full of self-paced trainings, and constant opportunities to grow yourself and your relationships with others.
Are you ready to get started? Enroll here and snag a welcome pack that will help you crush your 2021 goals! The first 3 people to take advantage of this last days offer get a REFUND on their membership enrollment fee! 🙂 

Your Sponsor and friend, 

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