An Unexpected Realization

Can you believe we are about 1/2way through January already?! I can’t! Things are clicking along and I can definitely feel normal settling in, but it’s not a normal I am fond of right now.

Let me explain.

I haven’t felt like myself lately. At least, not the me I have been for the last 4+ years.  I’m a lot fussier. I’m more tired. I’m more easily overwhelmed and “done” when I’ve barely started. It hit me the other day… I have not had my pink drink in over a month. A MONTH!

I HAVE been rocking the consistency with Probio5, Ease, and XfactorPlus. I’ve even taken on Active and Metaburn for the mood boosting benefits! But I haven’t had the pink drink, Plexus Slim. And I am reminded of this:
Slim is more than a fat burner. (I get that benefit with Metaburn)
It’s more than a mood booster. (I get that benefit with Active!) 
It’s more than an anti-inflammatory. (I get that with Ease)
It’s more than an energy booster. (I can get that with caffeine.)

Slim is a BALANCER. I’m learning that when my insulin levels are out of balance (what Slim has been proven to do!), my other hormones are ALSO out of balance and my mental health isn’t as strong.  
I’ve been off Slim for a month and here’s how I feel….
My brain fog is back.
My chronic fatigue is back. As soon as the coffee/caffeine wears off, I am ready for a nap. (Alright who am I kidding… as soon as I wake up, caffeine or not, I’m ready for a nap!)
My ability to handle high stress situations with a level head, has lessened. I’m snapping at my kids again. I hit my limits with them (and people in general) all too quickly. 

Friend, this is NOT who I want to be or who God created me to be. I firmly believe the Lord introduced me to Plexus so that I could LIVE balanced, level headed, and joyfully! I represent Him better, when I am at my best. I cannot be at my best when I am out of balance on the inside. I had no idea just how much my pink drink helped and worked with my other supplements until I was without it. 

So here’s my encouragement to you: try it.
When I first started Plexus, it took me about 6 weeks of consistent use to realize how much better I felt. It is absolutely time for me to get back to my Pink Drink and back to the ME I’m supposed to be.

What would it mean to you to function on a daily basis HAPPILY without becoming overwhelmed at simple tasks, or needing a nap/sugar/caffeine all day in order to put one foot in front of the other?

Something to think about.
With LOVE,
~Your HOPE dealer, Rach

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