here we go…

I’ve been writing super long posts on social media platforms for a WHILE now, but I wanted to start a blog to put things into better focus.  Bear with me… while I have a passion for this, I am a bit rattled.  The hype of “my blog” has been circling through my brain for too long and finally putting my jumbled thoughts into focus is surprisingly intimidating.

“Be Radiant”.  “Momma on a Mission”.  These phrases have been central when thinking about my purpose and passions.  “Be Radiant” came about a couple of years ago when I began a huge fitness journey.  A journey to not only exercise my body, but also my soul.  To put my faith in God into action.  Practice self control and discipline like it MATTERS (because, friend, it does matter).  I want to glow.  I want to glow with strength and confidence; in my body? Sure. But MOST importantly, strength and confidence in my place in God’s Kingdom.  “Momma on a Mission” swirled more through the spaghetti spirals of my brain the more time I spent with my kids instead of work. The more they saw me take care of myself so I could better take care of them.  I am on a mission to bring my daughters up in the training of the Lord.  I want to teach by example and have my actions towards my children not prove any of my words vain or hypocritical.

My “radiant mission” is to daily surrender my life to God and let that surrender dictate my actions to others, and to love my family as He loves me.

So what  can you expect to see here?

~what I’m learning through God’s Word

~workouts I love

~homeschooling adventures and lessons

~bits and pieces of my day to day life

~favorite songs sung by me or my peeps 😉

~ideas I have or have seen that may help stir up a call to faith-in-action in your life

~guest posts/sermons/lessons I’ve found impactful and couldn’t say any better myself. 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.  I’m looking forward to this new step in my journey!