Who is Radiant Mission?

We are a husband and wife team navigating marriage, parenthood, and business through the prism of Scripture and Godly discernment. We are imperfect and flawed, but through God’s grace we are redeemed through Christ. That redemption changes us at our core and motivates our daily actions.
We are not us, without Him.

Justin is starting his 12th year teaching at Navarro College. He also serves as a deacon at a local congregation here in Texas. When he’s not fixing and building things around the house, you can find him with either a book, camera, or guitar in his hands. Justin has moved from hobbyist to professional over the many years of loving photography, and enjoys each session he gets to do. (You can check out his photos here.)

Rachel is a work from home momma and teacher to our two daughters. (She is also the editor of most photos over at JMWilliams Photography.) Rachel has a passion for helping others live healthier & happier lives and that has led her in many directions in the past. Currently, she is an ambassador for the supplements that helped her overcome her anxiety and depression 4 years ago, and continue to help her manage those things as well as give her the energy and patience she needs to be the mother God desires her to be today.   When she isn’t homeschooling or editing photos, you can often find Rachel on the stage or in front of the camera singing, dancing, and emoting for an audience. You can see more of that by subscribing to her YouTube channel here.

Thank you for being here and reading our thoughts. Our prayer is that we direct you closer to the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) and His purpose and will for you through our words and stories. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment or reach out to us. We would love to know you better.