The Choice

“Faith over feelings” or “choose faith not fear”


Those are phrases that hold a lot of meaning to me.
Just because I may want something (feelings), doesn’t mean it’s God’s best for me.
Just because I feel something in my heart, doesn’t make it biblically accurate or worthy of teaching others.
Choosing faith means choosing God. It means surrendering my heart and all of its deceitfulness to Him no matter what, and trusting that His way is ALWAYS the best way. Even when it’s not the way that hands me my desires on a platter.

But it also means I’m not wallowing in fear. Choosing faith means stepping out in action. It means I’m not standing still out of complacency, fear of the unknown, or anxiety over the outcome… choosing faith means I PRAYERFULLY take the leap.

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Since I am married, it personally means I pray about what’s on my heart and discuss it with my husband. I am linked to him forever and if he isn’t on board, THAT is an answer to my prayer! If he is on board, that can be even scarier because it means I can (or should!) go forward as we pray about it together.

It’s kind of funny… I spoke on this topic not too long ago, and STILL God is teaching me to trust Him. Reminding me of who I am in Him, that I should be fearful of no one, but bold in purpose!


All this to say, it is so much easier to let fear do the talking. To let my feelings determine how faithful I’ll be (one way or another).
So, if there’s something you have been thinking about doing & praying about earnestly, I encourage you to identify what’s holding you back…

and then choose faith. ❤️rmw