Do you know a woman who is intimidating to you?

You know… the women who seem to have it all together. Well groomed, well educated, solid income, confidence from head to toe (or so it seems), independent, etc.


I look at those women and think, “What can I possibly add to her life? What value would my friendship provide? She doesn’t need me or anything I have to offer.”

Friends. Hear me now. That thought process is NOT Godly! That is me ALLOWING Satan to thwart my thinking, and squash powerful relationships that could make the Kingdom of God expand exponentially!!

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt 

Can I confess something to you? I often feel inferior. I look at women I respect and the word I use to describe them in my own mind is “intimidating.” That is, until I read Phylicia Masonheimer ‘s thoughts on the word via her Instagram post (go give her a follow if you haven’t already).


Now, every time my heart wants to be intimidated by a worthy woman I’m going to be INSPIRED. 

Because the beautiful reality is that in Christ Jesus, washed in His blood and full of God’s Spirit, we are all on level ground with each other. We are EQUALS. 


Let’s walk as Princess Warriors worthy of His calling as we go into the new week (and every day we wake up)! 

Let’s change our vocabulary from intimidating ➡️ inspiring! 

Let’s pursue those relationships with inspiring women and dig into the Word of God WITH them.


Let’s learn from each other as we are motivated and united in LOVE. Love for our Father through His Son, and love for each other!

Let’s link arms with our sisters in Christ, and run this race together—no one inferior or superior, but as equals.