A New Leaf

I realized something the other day… actually I’ve known it for a while, I just applied it differently the other day.

Motherhood kind of makes me a hypocrite.

“Clean your room!” “How do you find anything?” “How is this room already messy AGAIN?” “Stop leaving your stuff everywhere girls.” Etc.

Um… hello?? Earth to Rachel! You taught your kids that by YOUR ACTIONS! šŸ˜³

Oh. Do my kids see me intentionally picking up my things when I’m done with them? Nope. Do my kids often walk in my room having to avoid the piles of clothes and books and junk?? Yes. Do my kids have to move my stuff when they sit down to eat at the table? Yup.

So why in the world would they care about picking up after themselves, when Momma is a SLOB? I said it. I’m a slob. And I hate it. It makes me cringe. But as with ANY area of my life–it doesn’t change when I ignore it. It will take INTENTIONAL EFFORT. And it will take relying on love.

I love my husband too much to continue to make him miserable in my mess. I love my children too much to let them grow up to be slobs. That can stop now! (And their future roommates say “thank you!”)

And I love myself. I love myself enough to not want to feel defeated every time I walk into a room. Home is a safe haven. Home is where every member of my family should feel peace–even me.

It may take a LOT of practice and “falling off the wagon,” but I’m convinced that intentional diligence and discipline can change even the sloppiest behaviors. šŸ™‚