When you’re doing everything right…

…but you still feel low.

You pray. You count your blessings. You exercise. You take your vitamins and supplements (if you don’t, check mine out! Clinically proven + non-gmo. I’m happy to answer questions about what they’ve done for me, just send me an email).

And yet… you find yourself in a funk.

Maybe it’s because you haven’t had enough water. Maybe you haven’t spent enough time filling your mind with life-giving Truth. Maybe you’ve been going so much that you’re just burnt out. Or maybe you’ve simply just forgotten your purpose.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIn these moments of funk, here’s what I suggest:

1) Pray specifically for God to remind you of your purpose. He has given you a job to do that He’s entrusted to NO ONE ELSE. What is that job? Ask God to reveal it to you if you don’t know. Mine is being a wife to Justin, and mother to my girls.

2) Plan a day of REST. If I don’t have a rest day planned, I tend to get overwhelmed and rest TOO MUCH during the week. But those rests end with me feeling guilty and not at all rested. Give yourself PERMISSION to take a day off and recharge. You’ll find yourself much more productive on your regular days when you can look forward to rest.

3) Do something that pours into your purpose. Do you have kids? Go fill their love tank by spending time with them doing something THEY want to do. Whatever your answer to #1, pick an activity that will pour into it–it may help you come out of your funk, and remind you why it’s your purpose in the first place.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I hope you’re encouraged today! I’m praying God blesses you with a funkless weekend full of purpose-filled FUN! 💗

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