Dear Christian

What if we ran from sin like we are running from sickness?

What if we cared so much about not letting a brother/sister stumble into sin, that we took every measure to help keep them pure.

What if we treated Jesus as the ONLY vaccine/cure/treatment for the worst disease imaginable?

Only this disease infects and kills the souls of EVERYONE who contracts it. That’s what sin is. It is a permanent death and separation from God.

We all HAVE sinned, but we do not all have to live with the curse of sin!

There is HOPE. There is a cure.


Jesus Christ is the cure. He paid the price and took on the sin disease of the world, nailing it to the cross.

We still have to die, because when sin and mortality come into contact with our Holy God, they die.

But when we freely give of ourselves in surrender to King Jesus, we get to be raised a new creation! Not corrupted by the disease of sin, but ALIVE & holding the cure. 

Physically, will we experience pain? Yes. Sickness? Yes. Death? Yes. But all of those are TEMPORARY. This world is not our home. We are foreigners in this land, eagerly awaiting our Lord’s return, eternity with our Creator, and blessed reunion of all believers gone before us.


In the meantime, let’s not give the temporary more control of our lives than the eternal. Let us remember that sin is an even more infectious disease with even more devastating consequences.
Let’s live & love like we have the one and only Cure!

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